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For those interested in my Team Rocket fashion blog (Now with links!)



Just a few things to help ya’ll out:

  • If you want to look up any outfits that Team Rocket has worn in the show, try “screenshots” or “official art” to take a look at them! You can try your luck with “fan art”, but not all of them are the outfits that they wore…


Silver mounted Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle decorated by Tiffany and Co., late 19th century.

Currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

(Source: metmuseum.org)


Magnificent engraved and gold inlaid Mauser Model 66S bolt action hunting rifle.  Produced in 1984.

Sold at Auction: $13,000

(Source: icollector.com)

Normal books: some things are connected, everything is explained

Malazan Empire books: everything is connected, nothing is explained